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The story of AKDesign

AKDesign was founded in 2003 by Andreas Koch and in 2013 Bert Vogt joined the company after having worked together with Andreas since 2007.

The founder Andreas Koch, draws on more than 30 years of industry experience with renowned companies such as Studer, Dolby, Sony, Playback Designs and others.
Bert Vogt lead the engineering development at an optical flow measurement company and with his keen interest built remarkable audio products for home and professional use. As a team, Andreas and Bert complement each other perfectly and together they can tackle any aspect in electronic audio design and production.


AKDesign has now provided services to renowned audio companies such as Playback Designs, Nagra, Constellation Audio, DAISy, EMM Labs, Sony among others. It has a state-of-the-art SMT manufacturing line with a BGA rework station and provides manufacturing services to companies not only in the audio industry, but also in airospace and health industries with stringest quality requirements.

The key personnel possesses long standing experience from the beginning of the digital audio era and has provided many award winning designs.

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